Why am I writing?

I have been thinking about what to write lately. Should it be about Growth-hacking? Digital Marketing? Should I be writing about the superficial things I enjoy now and again, or should I take a more philosophical approach and figure out the questions that do not find an answer in our schools?

As I pondered over this question, the little devil appeared over my shoulder and asked, “what is it, you know? You are no expert! The world already has people much more familiar with these topics.”
So I did what I’ve gotten accustomed to doing to live a better life myself and punched the devil in the throat.

EVERY human being experiences life slightly differently, and there is something to learn from everyone.
This blog will be an extension of my thoughts and a way to experiment with Ideas.
I will start writing about my thoughts and the things I am doing that get me out of bed, excited to start a new day – with coffee first!

Let’s begin…

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

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